Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My friends, I'm afraid it's almost time.

Almost time to say goodbye to these incredibly sooper awesome previews for the ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction and Underwear Expo and let the furious bidding commence.

It's gonna be all out bidding war here in NYC tonight and I hope those who live nearby can make it out. It's a fun time for all. But before I put on my smooooooth auctioneer's outfit... allow me leave you with two last previews.

First... perhaps you've heard of the Krause Brothers?

There's Fran.

And there's Will.

They're twins and they make cool indy films. But they've also made two TV pilots for Cartoon Network, the first one being Utica Cartoon. And the second one was The Upstate Four.

And for the auction this year Fran has painted THIS butt kickin' Upstate Four skateboard deck:

But wait. There's something else. Fran's also donating this:

I know, right? This just may be the earliest existing drawing of Mickey Mouse by Disney in existence. Why it was found behind Fran's toilet in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn remains a mystery.... but I've had a team of experts* take a look at this drawing and they say that it's DEFINITELY a drawing that somewhat resembles Mickey Mouse.
*Experts include a dry cleaning expert, hot dog eating expert, and serbo new jerseyian language expert

And Fran is such an ardent supporter of ASIFA-EAST that he has donated this priceless piece to the auction! Bless you, Mr. Krause!

And oh yeah, there's also these two by that Marty Atoms guy who made that show The Dim Preventures of Willie and Randy. They're from the Underfist spinoff. Whatever.

(Wow! Hoss Delgado, Fred Fredburger AND General Skar?! They're REALLY cool, right? But don't tell HIM that! I'm pretending to be mad at Mr. Atoms for sending in his drawing at the last minute.)

So there ya go. Mind you, these previews are not all we'll have at the auction. There's simply too much to mention! Come on down and check it all out!

And thanks for lookin' over the past buncha days!

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