Monday, January 5, 2009

Secret Message for Animation Executives ONLY!

Dear Animation Executives,

Don't worry... I'm typing this in special high-tech computer-ink so no non-executive type people can read it. I know how you get if civilians find out about all your secret stuff. Like for instance, the KIDSCREEN SUMMIT here in NYC. You know the one where you all come out to the big city to talk about cartoon executive perks, do secret handshakes and argue about who has the most executive hair?

BTW... I think this one's gonna be HOT this year:

Well, guess what? I'm gonna be there, too! (Don't worry-- I'll shower this time). Yup. on February 12th I'm gonna be interviewed live on stage by Mr. David Levy. No, he's not an executive, either. Unless you count being Most Royal Highfalutin President for Life of ASIFA-EAST. And I can't promise that he'll shower. But he's gonna ask me all sorts of hard hitting questions about my almost 300 years in the industry, which I'm sure will put you right to sleep. And you're totally gonna need it after being out all night partying it up. Oops... did I say partying? I meant, wheelin' and dealin' and maximizing cartoon studio cost ratio analyses. (wink wink)

So mark it on your calendar. As the date comes closer, I'll be sure to update you on the exact time, what I'll be wearing, and what kind of things you shouldn't throw at me. Like hams. Don't throw hams this time.


Mr. Warburton

PS: I hope this special computer-ink stuff works... otherwise EVERYONE will know.


Allie said...

Congrats, ElevendyBillion, sir! I wish I could shake you hand... yet, I bet I would be kissing your shoes over three hours in a day. And I bet your hair is great, too! It is in the picture to me. ^^

Sadly I won't be in NYC... because, well... I don't live in New York. I live in Fairfield, Southern Illinois. Hickest-town ever.

But if I were there, I would throw some stuffed animals to you! :D

Best of luck, dude!

~Allie, aka NLW

kndfan12 said...

Congrats,Mr.W.Opps looks like Non-animation executives saw this...
I whish I could go,but I live in all the way in Memphis,Tennessee.Wait,a sec. I just remembered my sister is going to NYC(again)in 2 weeks!I'm gonna tell her to back the trip up to Feburary so she can see you and ask all my questions(the questions list might be long though(: )If my sister goes there on that date I'll make her through a pen and paper at you so I can get an autograph.(: Good luck,Mr.W

Elliot Cowan said...

I wouldn't answer a single one of David Q. Levy's questions if I were you.