Thursday, January 28, 2010


When I first moved to LA, Mr. Willems was forever telling me I should look up Dan Santat. But I know better than to trust Mo. Knowing him, there probably was no 'Dan Santat'... or the phone number he gave me was for "Weenies Anonymous".

So imagine my surprise when I ran into the guy at a local book event! Not only was he REAL... he was REAL COOL! He looked like this:

Did you know he made that Disney show, The Replacements?

But he mostly does books, like THE GUILD OF GENIUSES and CHICKEN DANCE!

And THIS book, that's coming out soon, which is, in my awesome opinion, his bestest best bestly best work yet:

Seriously... I saw the whole thing and it's all kinds of amazing!

So anyway, we met at that Borders books store....


Well, if you call occasionally posting snarky comments to each other on Facebook best friends.

Actually... I think he got mad at me when I made a comment about his beloved McRib sandwich being an excellent source of diarrhea.

Still, we agreed to have lunch a week or two ago.
(NOT McRibs, thankfully)

But when I got to Mr. Santat's house... guess who was there?

No, guess.

Seriously... GUESS.

Oh, for the love of...

Bob Boyle?

Which can only mean that Dan Santat is an evil robot, too.
(for those unfamiliar with Bob's evil robotness go HERE)

Still, we had a great lunch.

But I didn't really let them eat much because my insatiable hunger for people doodling in my sketchbook took over.

That's a sketch from a top secret project Dan's working on... so SHHHHHHHH!

And less of a secret is that Mr. Boyle's sooper very first picture book is about to be released in March:

And I got my own sooper awesome sketch:


But it's getting so you can't have lunch without a robot these days!

PS The mighty mighty Fuse#8 has a great video interview with Mr. Santat over HERE!


pascal said...

Ha! I wish I knew Dan as well.
Love his work!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

the videos dan santat did for the chicken dance book totally cracked me up. thanks to all three of you for making kids' stuff that adults can actually enjoy, rather than just tolerate.