Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I came across an early dummy of 1000 TIMES NO the other day and was sooper happy to see this spread:

Yup... that's 50 NO's on one page!

Originally there was a lot more set-up to the book before we got to all the NO's in different languages. But when my editor, the mighty mighty Laura Geringer, saw this spread, she said, "THIS is the book!"

So we went with it!

But unfortunately, many NO's got cut out.




Ugh... I'm still bummed we couldn't use Klingon.


morninglight mama said...

This is always a favorite of my little ones!! Klingon, huh? Reaching out to the Daddy-readers? :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could draw like this. Every time I look at your blog, or see an ad for 1000 times no, or watch Codename: Kids Next Door, I almost cry, knowing that I'll never be as good as you.

Mo said...

I sometimes cry knowing one day I MIGHT be a good as you.

__Mariana__=] said...

Your drawings are totally awesome!
I couldn't draw 50 nos in two pages like that even if i tried for a thousand years!
You are the best Mr.W =D

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I suppose I sometimes cry because of that, too.

brianna14 said...

i'm tearing up as we speak.


alright alright! stop with all the tears already!

except mo...

you can cry all you want.

Anonymous said...

*Stops crying and instead throws a dart at her Mo Willems dart board, then laughs until she... um... laughs harder, I guess.*