Monday, September 23, 2013


I've done something terrible.

Last Friday I helped deliver the

after three seasons,
and 60 half hour episodes
we're done.

It may come as a surprise to you,
but we've known for a long time
that the third season would be our last.
Disney Channel decided not
to renew us any further
than that.
The writers left last fall.
Then the storyboard artists.
The designers.
Even show creator Noah Jones
left to make a new pilot for Disney XD.

And then it was just me and my
 merry band of post production people.
Over the last couple months
I've often described myself
as the hospice nurse 
making the show more comfortable 
before it passes on.

I owe it that.

Fish Hooks
has been nothing but
wonderful to me over these 
past three years.
But every show ends
at some point.
We had a great run.
Some shows never make it this far.
But it's time for
new adventures.
Can't wait to tell you about them!


pinkandorangesunset said...

I'm so sorry to have to hear that :c It was a great show and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thankfully we'll still have it in our memories :3

Nuel the Forkers said...

Sad to hear that :(
Never realize it will be the end
Fish hooks always made my day since 2010
Thank you for made a nice cartoon :)

Anyway,what is the last episode?

Слэм Тасманиан said...

Hello. It is very strange - in Russia we saw all three season, all 28 episodes (or more?). I don't want that Disney showed a final episode in May 2014.
By the way, will you release official soundtrack? I want hear full version "Right by your side" and other melodies.... Thanks.