Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Codename: Kids Next Door
was in production
there were assorted attempts
to get the kids of
Sector V
up on your wall.

For example,
this hand-painted limited edition cel
that was created by 
Acme Archives:

We worked on the drawing with them for a couple months and
then they sent me all 300 cels to sign.
I tried to sign 20 a day
while I was on the phone,
usually with 
sooper powerful 
Cartoon Network
Khaki Jones.

Rarer still was this 
cel of the KND shooting hoops.
I think this was created
as a gift for those who worked at 
Turner Sports.
I'm not even sure I have one of these anymore:

And I 
I don't have one of these:

This was a print on canvas
and I can't remember what it was for.
Maybe the premiere of the show?

I know I had one hanging up at
Curious Pictures.
But it was too big to lug with me to
Los Angeles.
Not many were made so they're pretty rare.

You can find all these in various 
outlets online.
They're not cheap...
but they're around.


DCFDTL Sooper Fan said...

I WANT THAT FIRST ONE SOOOO BAD OMG, also, don't get me started on that Turner sports one, that person has been listing it for 750 for over a year now, if only I had that much moolah to throw around..Also! Did you know that The Iguna put up some blue pencils of some of the background elements, like the clam cannon? One I got even has your stamp on it!

Numbuh 1976 said...

Cels of most 2000's shows are a rarity--virtually all shows were digitally colored from then on.

GI Jon said...

How much? Please, and thank you.