Thursday, May 7, 2015


Sometimes sketchbooks die.
And they go to a special place on the shelf
with other sketchbooks that have passed on.

They might be gone.
But they'll always be with us in our hearts.

Like this one that booted up on 
November 5th, 2014
whose sticker mash-up is called

The title page injected all manner of organisms 
into this sketchbook's empty pages:


Long meetings often call for a theme.
Like raccoons:

Or fishies:




And generally unhappy

Here's a t-shirt design by
sooper talented technical director
Darren Clark:

I like drawing birds alot.
Because beaks:

And sometimes you're just not feeling it:

But you zap it and move on:

And then on May 5th, 2005
it was time for this book to lie down:

6 months
feels a little long
to fill one of these puppies.
But I been doin' lots of
non-sketchbook stuff

Hope to show you some soon!


Hannah Roland said...


wait wait

....production meeting April 15th?
And you drew Lizzie/Numbuh Vine?

did i miss important news or

pinkandorangesunset said...

I wish you'd show us more sketches of sector v as teens and with kids of their own!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD MAKE THE FANDOM GO NUTS!!!!!!!! Ahem- *coughs* Nice sketches ^^ ( I especially love the moose ones! )

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Warburton, quick question from an Animation Hobbyist if you have the time to answer.

I've been reading through your KND blog, and on the character model sheets available, there is bold print saying "NOT Proper line quality."

From a glance, the line quality of the rough models looks very similar to the finished character design. What would count as a model with "Proper Line Quality?"

Thank you very much for your time,


PS: Longtime fan of the show, saw it as it was being aired years ago. Amongst friends and acquaintances, it is considered to be top grade animation entertainment.

mr. warburton said...

re: anonymous' question about line quality---
we tend to give more specific line thickness guides to the overseas studios so they know what the characters should look like in far shots, medium and close-ups.

model sheets are more for construction and while the line quality might look right on some sheets, it might not on others. so we make sure to stamp all of them.

and thanks for the sooper triple nice words!

Mariana =] said...

Awesome sketches as always, loved the animal and mushroom themed pages :)
Wait... is that Noodles? One of those sketches definitely looks like a Gorillaz art-style and looks like her...

And I wonder what is this non-sketchbook stuff you have to show us :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Mr. Warburton, very interesting technical detail.

Much appreciated,


Too Ticky said...

Is that Noodle? :o

Too Ticky said...
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Numbuh 420 said...

It's now 2018, and I've just finished watching every single KND ever over the past 2 days. Now I learn 3 years after the fact you were making a SECOND SET? As long as I remain an un-decommissioned KND operative I must demand you end your evil adult in tyranny, and release my comrades back to world where KND ops belong.
On behalf of all KND ops, and Kids around the world...
Mr.Warburton, never give up hope, and never stop trying.
(P.s can we get a sector to hack our secrets off the Web please? Embarrassing!)