Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MO WILLEMS B.S. (Before Sheep)

He invented Sheep.

As in

Well, I just found a whole bunch 
of early SITBC
development art Mo drew.

We originally found it when we were cleaning out the
flat files after Codename: Kids Next Door finished.
I'm sure I 
fully intended 
to give it all back to Mo,
but instead it ended up stuffed amongst
the boxes and boxes of KND artwork I saved.

There's a lot of good stuff
and it's probably worth
of dollars:

He did a lot of comics that told the
story of Sheep:

It's a good thing Mo doesn't know I have all this art
or he'd probably want it back.

Fortunately the internet is 
a GREAT place to hide stuff!


Mariana =] said...

I loved SITBC randomness, mainly the Ranting Swede, it was so funny :)
I wish I had the episodes to watch it again, I tried to find the episode with the play "as the cherry ripens" or something like that but I couldn't find it anywhere. Good old times.

Trevor Ranter said...

Man I love sheep, I wish there was a way Mo could release an issue of sheep in the big city every now and then ya know? Nothing too fancy just a casual read to have to just chill and laugh lol I mean I know I'd buy it hell my entire game store the other day had a marathon and tons of people were watching it