Monday, May 30, 2016



Kamga Siewe said...

Hey Mr.Warburton The petition page for G:KND Needs only 600 more signatures!!

Diamond Ruff said...

Hello Mr.Warburton. My name is Stephanie Brandt. I just wanted to say something that i thought of for if the G:KND thing happens. Now i don't what your planning for that, but I have an idea for the Delightful Children. It's just an idea that i wanted to share. I know from being in the fandom that the Delightful Children are the most loved villains of the show and fans really want to see them become sector z again. We really want to know more about them. So I was thinking, what if, they managed to get sector z back, but their delightful sides then become like split personalities. That way both sector z and the delightful children can exist at the same time. I just wanted to share that idea. I think it would be so cool.