Thursday, July 7, 2016

MY DEMONS (part 2)

As promised,
here's part 2 of the
(part 1 is over here, yo)

To review:
The goal was to draw a different demon every day
along with a quick description of what kind of demon it is.

No fuss.
No stress.
Just a quick drawing,

While most of the drawings are kinda silly,
there's a little nudity, naughty stuff and 
creepy subject matter up in here.
 So if that kinda stuff gives you the willies
maybe you oughta skip this post.

But if you're cool with that
then read on:

This is definitely one of my favorites:

I love this one, too:

And then,
on July 6th 
it was over!

Now I gotta figure out the next theme.

Any suggestions?


Rosina Kavanagh said...

How about a video game theme next time? You know how big they are these days, see how many characters we'll recognise!

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the Easter Island head being a demon, especially since they do, in fact, have bodies buried underground. So I see in my head a real badass sequence of the head coming back to life, all-demon-possessed like, the the arms burst out of the ground and crawl out all Buffy-back-from-the-grave-like, but having the bodies they do posess.

Very cool

-Orrin Scott