Friday, January 19, 2018


I just found some pics from the last 
batch of holiday sketch cards that
got sent to cooper lucky operatives
who bought prints at the printlab!

I get a LOT of Numbuh 60 requests:

I don't get many episode-specific requests,
so this one from 
Operation: SNOWING
was fun:

Someone asked for a 15th Anniversary card,
which was a neat idea:

Numbuh 362 might be one of the 
most requested

I'm not sure if we'll be doing the free sketchcard
offer next holiday season.
Depends on how busy things are.
But let's hope so!

They're fun to draw!


j5ajj said...
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j5ajj said...
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Mariana =] said...

Please keep going with it, they're fun to look at :)

Numba 1.0 said...

What happened with the petition? So many people supported it, and I would've if I knew about it. I want to see galactic kids next door happen. Hell you know what you could do. Create a new network with other artist that created shows that everybody loved. It could play the classics and the originals to this day. Like maybe the creator of gravity falls would be interested or something I don't know man but I know this show will come out within the next 4 years.

kndonehundred m said...

I request KND with Stevie Wonder or Elton John