Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PAT SMITH (and bacon)

If you spend a lot of time hanging around the animation festivals (big and small), then you already know Pat Smith.

He's been cranking out his personal films, like DRINK and PUPPET, one after the other for years now and racking up the awards. And no matter how loudly you hear him touting the independent filmmaking lifestyle... don't forget to remind him about all those comemrcial projects he's rocked- like directing MTV's DOWNTOWN and DARIA. And all those commercials for ZOLOFT and stuff.

Regardless, I only get to catch up with Mr. Smith at ASIFA events and stuff... and then only briefly. But lately we've made it a point to grab some root beers and hang.

Last night he suggested we hit the Roebling Tea Room over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Was great to catch up and hear about his latest projects. But then again, it would have been great to hear about anything while chowing down on the macaroni and cheese they serve at this place. We got it with the 'bacon option'...

And when they say 'option' they mean 'bacon nuclear strike'. It's like they sliced an entire salted, fatty pig on top of all that cheesy, noodley business. It's a good thing we're not having our cholesterol checked today.

Anyway... so as to distract Mr. Smith away from the tasty treat, I made him draw me somethin':

Heh heh... more bacon for ME!

When you get a chance, go check out all Pat's stuff at BLEND films!


karen-hm said...

Daria is one of my favorite shows! You're so lucky to get to hang out with cool people!

Bacon sounds really nice right now...

kndfan12 said...

He He.You distracted Pat Smith from the baccon.I want some bacon right now,as a matter of fact.*screams to my parents to go fix some bacon* I want bacon!!You hang out with soooo many people,it's just no fair!

Mayshing said...

I like Pat's "Drink" XD what a catchy one.
Yeah, he came to our class once in my freshmen year, a rather passionate and charismatic speaker he is.

Hien Dinh said...

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