Monday, March 9, 2009


Noooooooo... I'm not here to tell you what I thought about The Drapes of Wrath or about the narrative structure of Breaking Dawn. (But just to warn you- I read it and there's NO ONE named Dawn in that book! BIG oversight by the editors, I'd say...)

No... I'm here to to tell you that I just received the VERY first review of my VERY first picture book!

It's from the American Library Association's upcoming May issue of Booklist.

And while I'm a bit concerned they didn't use any words like 'Awesomealicious!', it still rocks pretty hard.

Check it out:

1000 Times No.

Warburton, Tom (Author) , Warburton, Tom (Illustrator)

May 2009. 32 p. HarperCollins/Laura Geringer, hardcover, $17.99. (9780061542633).

“All right, Noah, dear. It’s time to leave,” says Noah’s mom. Noah has other plans. “No,” he says. And then says it again. And again. And each time, his nos get crazier and crazier. A shattered, red-colored No! matches his rage, while a small, cursive no encapsulates his blithe obstinance. That’s just for starters:
Warburton features two nos per page, then quarters that into four nos, then nine. The goofy creativity multiplies along with the refusals—Noah says Nyet wearing a Russian hat, O-nay as a pig, Negative as a robot, Hon’-Ka-Zhi from a tepee, and even uses hieroglyphics and Morse code dots and dashes. The pastels of the watercolor-and-pencil art quickly explode into a colorful chaos that concludes with the entire cast of Noahs singing “Nooooooooo” in a chorus. It’s a lot of fun and will feel familiar to any parent up against a child’s tireless opposition, and kids (maybe) will recognize their own silly stubbornness. The educational use of various languages extends the book’s age range a bit, too.

— Daniel Kraus

You know... I think I really LIKE this Daniel Kraus guy! And now you know why I'm always going around talking about how brilliant, insightful, and wise the ALA is.

So to celebrate... why not head over HERE and pre-order 1000 copies of '1000 Times No' so you have enough for all your friends when it comes out on May 1st?


Anonymous said...

Even though your book is for younger kids, I'm gonna get my self a copy! And when it comes out, if you do a book tour please make sure one of your stops is in Manchester or Nashua, NH. Can't wait to read it!

kndfan12 said...

Ha ha!!Yeajh,there wasn't anyone named Dawn in Breaking Dawn!!Meanies!Haha.I haven't even read a single Twilight book,but I know they are MEANIES!(:Anyways,I'm going to buy an infinite amount of your book,no joke(maybe that will make the economy better...)Even if my parents would be like,"This is a child's book.You're suposerd to be on an adult's level in reading" And I'll say,"NOO0000000000!!!!"(:

Numbuh 9.494 said...

That is a wonderful review. :) I would prebuy 1000, but as I do not have that many friends, I'm just probably going to order one at Borders.

David B. Levy said...

Congrats Mistah Author! And, this is just the beginning... pretty soon your book will not only be gathering reviews it will also be serving as a coaster for a hot cup of Joe.

Just Kidding!