Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It was only a matter of time.

While making Kids Next Door I spent an inordinate amount of time telling background colorist Mike Cavallaro that his comic work stunk. Which was an out and out LIE. He's AMAZING... and with every new project he slaved away on he just got better and betterer.

But i couldn't TELL him that. Then he'd leave KND to become a comic sooper star and I'd have to find a new, sooper triple awesome color artist. So I'd make sure to loudly discuss how the comic industry was dying whenever Mike was near. Or when he'd show me some unbelievable new inking he'd done I'd say something like, "Hmmmm... maybe in another 20 years you could get good enough to show your work to someone in the industry. So... you done that background of the KND's Swamp Headquarters yet?"

But he just wouldn't listen. He just kept making more and more comics and getting more and more people interested in his work. And once KND was done and he didn't have me keeping him down anymore, the secret got out.

Case in point... his much lauded miniseries Parade (with Fireworks) which started out as a free online comic on ACT-I-VATE. Based on a true story told to Mike by his grandfather, it's set in Italy between the two world wars and tells the tale of a violent confrontation between two rival factions during the Feast of the Epiphany. A great story, bold and beautiful drawings, and of course, Mr. Cavallaro's brilliant mix of inking technique and color.

Mike did this series on his own, with no one paying him to do it. And after a whole lot of critical acclaim, he was duly rewarded when Image's Shadowline imprint decided to release a printed edition of the comic.

You should buy one HERE. But if you're cheap, poor, or don't want to encourage Mike because I may need him on another project one day, you can read it HERE.

Also, be sure to check out Mr. Cavallaro's other work on his WEBSITE. Highlights include his independently produced series 66KMPH and the upcoming six issue miniseries he's doing with J.D Matteis, The Life and Times on Savior 28.

And as a bonus, dig this kick-butt drawing of Paolo he did for me.

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