Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After uploading MASTERPIECE the other day, I got a sudden flood of subscriptions to my Youtube channel.

Not that there's much there. Just the 1000 TIMES NO book promo and a 5 second clip of Dan Santat eating pizza. Hardly a 'channel', really. But I thought that maybe a lot of people REALLY liked MASTERPIECE and were hoping I'd upload more stuff.


The influx was the result of this guy:

Evan works at Warner Brothers making awesome cartoons you love.
He also has a Youtube channel with a billion fans:

You really oughta check out The Block!
He shows you how to draw your sooper favoritest characters from TV, movies, comics, manga and beyond!

He also conducts some pretty awesome interviews with really talented artists!

And ME:

If you're dying to hear me blather on and on about myself, wave my arms around crazily and stick an 'UH' between every 5th word for over 8 minutes--

But if that's NOT the video for you, perhaps you'd like these instead:


Well, there are plenty of funny cat videos on Youtube that oughta keep you busy then.

Sooper massive thanks, Mr. Burse!


Anonymous said...

I saw that video. It's knowing that you're all casual and not stuck up like so many other producers. You really are a huge inspiration for me. I hope my cartoons can someday be as great as yours.

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! I've been following your blog for awhile now and as a young cartoonist you are a huge inspiration! I hope you upload more videos to your channel. Like Joe Murray does.