Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As promised in my last post, here are some more pics from the KidDesign showroom of Codename: Kids Next Door toys that never made it to the shelves:

First, here's Season 9 of the KND MICROS
(Miniature Insanely Cool Realistic Operative Spies)

Who do we see there?
Mr. Huggykins?
Sooper Sleuth Rainbow Monkey?
A couple of the babified KND from Operation: GROW-UP?
And yes--
Some of the sets were going to feature individual Delightful Children From Down the Lane that you could snap together once you collected them all.

On the bigger side of things there were the KND in snow gear:

And swim gear:

Oh, and these:

Yeah... that's Numbuh Two in cat fighting gear.

That's FATHER behind him with OPTIONAL EVIL, ANGRY HEAD!
Why in the name of all that is awesome was that not made?!

I'm sure I have even more pics of even more toys that never escaped the showroom...
But that's all I got for now.
Hope ya liked!

UPDATE: After seeing this post, one of my sooper pals over at KidDesigns sent over some even BETTERER pics! Keep it locked here to see 'em soon!


__Mariana__=] said...

How many awesome toys! =D
A Rainbow Monkey - Yay! ^^
Babys Numbuh 2 and 5 - Cute! x3
Father's optional evil angry head - A bit scary but still awesome! =D
Why can't I have all of them? =(

PS. "A couple of the babified KND from Operation: GROW-UP?" hum... I guess you made a mistake Mr.W, actually they were from operation FOUNTAIN =]


doops-- i mixed up my shows with babification in them! good catch!

FireCamel said...

Dude, those are some sweet toys.

Lonlon said...

This is lovely!>w<

I was impressed by Japan to see this photograph though it was not put on the market. ^w^

When English is wrong, I'm sorry.^^;

Gemma said...

Ahhh! I've tried to restrict my collecting (if only because the figurines get notoriously dusty very quickly) but these are just too brilliant. Accurately made, as well - too often do you see models of characters that look scarily unlike the ones on the shows.

Annoyance that they didn't get mass produced aside, it must have been thrilling to see your own characters as figurines. I know I would've. =D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Warburton,

i am a huge KND fan especially to Numbuh 86..... Will they ever make a toy of her again or your online shop?