Monday, August 15, 2011


Sunday morning got off to a rockin' start at Comic Con 2011!
How could it not?
There was a Fish Hooks panel goin' on!

With precision questions being handed down from our own Sooper Powered Disney Executive/Panel Moderator Jill Sanford, the fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for the star-studded panel's answers.

For example, Fish Hooks creator Noah Z. Jones was on hand to explain how the show got started:

And Chelsea Kane let everyone know what it's like voicing the role of Bea.

Also assembled were Executive Producer Maxwell Atoms, Director Bill Reiss, Atticus Shaffer, (voice of Albert Glass), and Justin Roiland (voice of Oscar).

The room was PACKED with fans who got to watch a clip from the original Fish Hooks pilot along with a full song from the upcoming half hour Fish School Musical season finale!

Which, BTW... RULES!
Don't miss it when it airs this Fall!

But that wasn't all...
The fans also got a taste of Disney Channel's latest upcoming series Gravity Falls by Alex Hirsch (one of the guys who helped develop Fish Hooks and plays the voice of Clamantha!)

So yeah.

AWESOME panel.

And everyone who came to the panel got a free...


I'll show you next post.


Mariana =] said...

A free...? Oh, come on, now I'm curious! =3
and "Fish School Musical"?
I think this is going to be fun x]

Bouncer15111 said...

Hey Mr. Warburton I Gonna Have a "SPECIAL LOOK" at my first you tube video once i make it of coarse.

brianna14 said...

oooooo cliffhanger!! i wonder what they got! :D