Thursday, August 11, 2011



Cartoon Network just sent me a copy of the game!
Now I just gotta find a Nintendo 3DS to play it on.
And when I do I know who I'm playin':


PS: Yeah. I know. That ain't Maurice LaMarche doing the voice of Father!
Heresy, right?

But what's that?
You don't have a 3DS, either?
Don't sweat it.
The game is hitting consoles for the 2011 holiday season with even more characters and features.


Bouncer15111 said...

they Should make it for normal ds and i think i'll try to get you better pics of fusion fall

Anonymous said...

I got the game this past June, but I don't have the player either. But whenever I find one, I'm playing as Numbuh 1 first!

PS: It's been 5 years today since Op. ZERO aired on Cartoon Network. Happy 5 year annivesary!

Bouncer15111 said...

Dear ANONYMOUS Why would you get the game without the 3DS

brianna14 said...

yay! now i gotta save my pocket change for a 3DS :)

Bouncer15111 said...

My dad says he will take me to the bank once i get half of the money to get the other half

Lily said...

I gotta get a DS...

Mariana =] said...

I have a DS but it doesn't works with 3DS games =/
But it's coming to other consoles?
I hope it comes out in a Xbox version =D

kndfan12 said...

Xbox 360 version, Wii version, and Play Station 3. Can people stop freaking out about getting it on the 3DS? Come on, there will be more playable characters in the other versions!

Smashmatt202 said...

I JUST GOT THIS GAME! It's pretty good. I can't wait for the console version.