Monday, July 9, 2012


This is the probably the greatest thing ever:

And so is this:

And this is simply adorable:

And this is...


And just too many levels of awesome:

Okay... I admit The Toiletnator is awesome, too:

And lastly... 
whoever thought the KND would
be kickin' it to Souljah Boy?!
(wait for the dance number)
(just WAIT!)

Big ups to ALL these cosplayers!

For more, check out THIS old post!


Kris said...

augh man
I have no good pictures of my Numbuh 2 cosplay! Otherwise you might of found it..

Mady said...

Yea baby! Numbuh 86 Cosplay! Fanny needs sum love ppl! She's one of the best characters!

ace and jet said...

how can i send my cosplay in?