Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm lucky.

I still get a lot of e-mail, comments and posts 
from operatives around the world telling me how much they love KND.

I don't get to respond to them all,
but I DO read every single one.

And they really make my day.
All of 'em.

Here's one that made me smile before I skipped off to work:

Thank you.

Hello, I love Codename: Kids Next Door, and I feel that my life would've been different (in a negative way) without it. I really appreciate the show and its brilliant creator. The concept of your idea really appeals to my generation 1990-1999. I am 17 yrs. old and I am currently re-watching the series to remember every single thing and once i start to forget a little bit of it over the years (which isn't likely) I shall let the show reiterate its message. I intend for this message to be an ode to Tom Warburton a.k.a Numbuh Eleventy Billion so I hope he gets a chance to read this and know that he is vastly appreciated and is a great person, although I am sad that the show ended I know it was for a reason.

Kids Next Door Rules! Stay Young.
thanks theviralkidd7!
you rock!


Mariana =] said...

Yes! Another 17 year old that still watches and love KND! =D
I knew I wasn't the only one! x]

Numbuh 2010 said...

Wow! i'm a 17 year-old who loves KND too! my life would absitively posilutely stink without KND! thank you so much Mr. W! you are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I LOVE KND,and it's one of my all time favorite shows on TV. And,I have to say it's made my life much more different. I have to say,I have some pretty cruddy parents,and sometimes I don't wanna deal with their crud,so I just watch KND and it make me feel better. I watch KND when everything is crashing down and I need a break,it makes life much more easier. YOU give me a reason to keep standing tall,because I know they're so many good things to come,and I wanna be just like YOU when I'm older. So that's why I say thank you Mr.W
~ Numbuh 590