Monday, August 6, 2012


Someone recently tipped me off to this
Kids Next Door/
My Pretty Pony: Friendship is Magic

And this awesome Sims family:

That is all!


Bex said...

there are a lot of mash-ups actually! knd has gotten pretty popular again on tumblr and its been really fun seeing people get into it! i think my favorite crossover so far is the one with homestuck that a friend of mine drew

Rocket said...

Ponies really have taken over the entire internet.

Anonymous said...

Okay,I just thought I might as well tell you,I made up a new character,which I think is super cool,but her story is a little complicated. Any ways,her name is Brittany and her dad is....drum roll please...FATHER DUN DUN DUNNN!!
The thing is,Father and her mother never got married, so father left. Leaving Brittany and her mom alone. Years later and Brittany is 11,who lives with her mother and butler Charles. But her mom has a sickness and is dying,so she has to be passed of to father

Anonymous said...

But she has a hatred for him,ya know, considering he left her an her mother to fend for them selfs. This angers her to the point to which she finds out she had a power she never knew she had,a power just like her fathers. She keeps this a secret,up until her mother dies,and she moves to live with Father,who intends to make her his evil creation. But she refuses and sneaks out to the MoonBase and such when she has the chane

Anonymous said...

And I could tell you the whole story but it's to long hehe. So any ways,basically she becomes allies with the KND and helps them stop father who is threatening the world (again) so it turns into a whole crazy adventure involving Brittany,and the KND crew of course!
I'm also making her love Intrest Numbuh 74.239, hehe XD it takes place after the last episode so they mention stuff about Nigel and Rachel a couple times (in my KND fantasy the GKND wanted both sexes so Rachel tagged along lol) It has a lot of adventure,Humor,and Romance
Couples including : 86/60 (My all time FAVORITE couple so I just had to add them in there) 3/4 ( Of course lol XP) 2/5 ( My second favorite haha) 83/84 (ADORABLE) and of course my new couple 74.239 and Brittanh
PS. Sector Z comes back and helps Brittany!!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my gf's day by posting her mashup of MLP and KND.

10Bendog said...

Um, I just want to ask you, where did you get Numbuh 5's hat on the sims. I'm pretty sure it's a mod, but I couldn't find it.