Thursday, May 2, 2013


Here are a couple
KND paintings
I found by
background artist
Gideon Kendall.
This one's from
Operation: HAIRCUT,
depicting the worst a clueless father can do
to his child's noggin:
And this is 
a new strain of unpoppable zit 
created by the KND
to inflict on evil teenagers in 
If you want
Gideon's work
check out this interview
and check out his sooper cool webcomic


Anonymous said...

ah, yes, that zit
now that I've been looking at it for more than a second I
kittens! I'll go play with my kitties
cats don't get acne

Patti said...

Those are great paintings, despite the... uh... obviously unpleasant subject matter. :) Every time I see the first one, I really have to pity poor Numbuh 85. That's one painful-looking haircut. Of course, Cree's zit looks painful too... and very, very disgusting.

By the way, seeing these made me think, one of the (many) things that I love about KND is the incredible detail in the artwork. You don't often get that amount of detail in made-for-TV cartoons. The backgrounds are another good example; a lot of them are astoundingly complex.

Jellybean said...

Mr. Warburton if you are reading this, if u can, plz bring back knd. I am 11 and can quote any episode and sing any song from the show. I also can recite all sectors and operatives. If you can't, I completely understand. Plz consider it.

Jellybean said...

I too love one piece, and luffy, and, nami, and zoro(that's his original name zolo is the american version( I watch subbed not dubbed), and chopper, and Robin, and Frank, and Sanji, and everyone else. I am gonna be king of the pitates! Whoo!