Monday, January 13, 2014


While the rest of us were scrambling about on
season 4 of 
Codename: Kids Next Door
storyboard artist
Guy Moore
was holed up in his office
plotting out the 
rough storyboard for the
sooper quadruple huge
KND movie

And if you passed by said office
you couldn't help but stop and point at 
the drawings taped to the wall and yell

Mr. Moore knows what he's doing.
So before we brought the rest of
the storyboard team onto the movie,
we decided to have him put together 
a little pre-movie 
refresher course

Don't ask me where 101 is.
But here,
for your enjoyment
is the first half of 201:

Keep it locked here


DCFDTL Sooper Fan said...

Wow, this is really cool! I love seeing stuff like this! :D And some of those look like parts of episode storyboards too! Though I don't remember ever seeing that scene of the Delightfuls and Sector V at a waterfall, whats that from? ?:(

mr. warburton said...

Sooper Fan: mr. moore says he made the waterfall scene up. "I was primarily trying to illustrate preserving distances in and proportions of a setting with that shot, and the little bridge gave me a way to do that."

DCFDTL Soopw said...

Oh, I see! It still makes me wonder what their saying though, maybe I'll make up my own story on it, haha ^^ But gee, I wish I had a copy of this too, it sure is nifty :D I bet it was a really big help to the storyboarders!

Слэм Тасманиан said...

Hello. I'm very sorry, but... It is about "Fish Hooks". Will you release a soundtrack? Because I want to hear some melodies and songs, and... Actually, "Right by your side" by Susanna Benn. Because... No full version, no instrumental, no... Just lyrics in Internet! How? How?

mr. warburton said...

i'd love if Disney would release an album of Fish Hooks music... but sadly, I don't think it'll happen.

And yes... RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE is a great song! Maxwell Atoms wrote some beautiful lyrics and Andy Sturmer kicked butt on the music!

FUN FACT: we originally wanted to license TIME AFTER TIME by Cyndi Lauper for this song but the cost was too high--- so RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE was born.

Слэм Тасманиан said...

Thanks for answer!
But... Can you show me a lyrics of this song? Because I don't hear words on the background.
Can you try sell this song on iTunes, exactly? Why Disney can't release it?

I like this song. And also I like an instrumental. I will wait it. Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Mr. Warburton, I have some episodes of Pepper Ann on DVD, and I heard that you drew the art for it, so, what I want to know is if Disney bought the rights to Codename: Kids Next Door, and gave you your big break for a new Kids Next Door series focused on a teen sector w, moving to Hazelnut, would you do that crossover series?

Roger Thompson said...

May I ask you for your email address, Mr. Warburton, and if Disney DID buy the rights to KND, could I maybe, possibly voice a teenage, now talkative, Numbuh 84? Reach me at to answer.