Monday, March 3, 2014


I don't like Starbucks.

But Mrs. Warburton does.

So sometimes 
I walk around the corner,
take a deep breath,
go inside
and order her a 
decaf Americano
one pump toffee nut
little room.

whilst waiting amongst the fussy rabble
("I asked for only 4/27th percent soy chai foam in my cup!)
I picked up this:

is an old point and click game.
I played the demo ages ago
and really liked it.

It's beautifully designed,
has clever, eclectic gameplay
sooper fantastic sound.

So I figured,
(thanks starbucks)

Like I said...
the game is real purdy:

If you wanna see more,
check out the official trailer:

I finished the game the other day 
and walked away really happy.
Although I totally had to cheat a couple times
to get past places I was stuck.
I hate using walkthroughs
but I don't think I could have finished without sneaking a peek.

I think I might try 
some of
Amanita Designs
other games!

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