Monday, June 27, 2016


I recently did a lovely interview 
with someone planning a 
an article
celebrating next year's
anniversary of
Walt Disney's
sooper fun hit show
Pepper Ann.

We talked about early design
development and what it was like
 being the lead character designer for the series.
And one of the questions that came up was:

What was one of your favorite 
episodes to design?

came right to mind,
of course.
Because after drawing the characters as tweens for many years,
I got to figure out what they looked liked
when they were older.

Here was the design list I was given:

This is just some of the designs I did from the episode
I'm not sure why I don't have a design for Milo.

Pepper Ann (27 years old)

Nicky (27 years old)

Milo (27 years old)

Mom (50 years old)

Moose (22 years old)

Aunt Janie (older)

Alec Kane (older)

 Baron von Gus (older)

Ms. Stark (older)

Ms. Bladdar (older)

Coach Doogan (older)

Mr. Finky (older)

Cissy (27 years old)

Dieter (27 years old)

Craig (28 years old)

Mr. Carter (older)

Gina (30 years old)

Gwen Mezzrow (27 years old)

Mark Hamill (older)

This background character named Natasha
was based on head writer
Nahnatchka Kahn
and designed by Sue Rose.

Pink Eye Pete (27 years old)

Principal Hickey (older)

Stuart (27 years old)

And I was really happy with this 
background character of 
Sue Rose I did:

Tessa (27 years old)

Vanessa (27 years old)

Trinket (27 years old)

What a fun show to work on.
Not every show gets to do a real finale
so it was an honor to get to finish 
Pepper Ann with such a bang.



Jordan said...

This stuff is always so cool. Your work has been a lifelong inspiration for me Numbuh Eleventy Billion sir! My dad was never a big part of my life and your work on these shows really taught me a lot and helped me to always be myself and in a lot of ways sort of helped raise me when my father wasn't there to do so. I know that probably sounds silly to you, who have no idea who I am, but I can't thank you enough for all the help over the years, and while I don't often leave comments, you've always been a big part of my life and I want you to know that even as a grown-up (but never an adult ;) ) everything you do continues to inspire and help me become the kind of person I was meant to be and who you might have been proud of had I been one of your children and not just another faceless person in a mass of fans. Thanks for always sharing cool artwork like this over the years and continuing to be an inspiration in my life (even if I don't express as much gratitude as I should). Thanks again for all the help,
-Numbuh 673

Anonymous said...

I like the character designs here. wish we had all episodes of pepper ann on dvd right now. that would be something. and what about kids next door?