Monday, June 20, 2016


In case I didn't make it clear enough...
the KND operatives I met at 
Creativa Fest 2016
in Mexico City

I met a ton of awesome fans: 

I got to draw in a tra-billion sketchbooks:

And on a buh-million badges:

And a crap-load of shirts

And even a couple iPads:

And I got to take pictures with 
a moonbase full of
sooper sweet
sooper kind
sooper appreciative
KND operatives:

Please note the sweet
(Soup Can And Magnified Photon Phlazer)
that the operative on the left made.

She came dressed as 
Number Four,
dressed as
Number One from the episode
Operation CANNON.
She even had a bucket of
clams to load the clam cannon with!

And don't even get me started on the awesome
volunteers at Creativa Fest.
All of them were
bringers of food and drink
protectors of the realm
human shields.
And there was a hilarious panda aimed Brenda, too!
(front row)

This operative is
a 2x4 technology officer
because he builds awesome miniature animation disks
to have people sign.

He even gave me one!
I tried to get Maxwell Atoms to sign it
but he wanted to charge me two bucks.
And I don't want his autograph
THAT bad.

But if these operatives weren't already the best,
a lot of them brought me all kinds of fun stuff:

Like drawings of me:

Drawings of themselves as KND operatives:

Lots of thank you notes:

But perhaps the sweetest of the lot
was a beautiful hand-drawn book that 
longtime KND sooper operative
Anagby Sanban
and her friends made for me!

It was filled with beautiful drawings,
funny stories and
heartfelt remembrances of what KND meant to them.

I can't lie...
I got a bit teary reading this book.
(but I blamed it on the spicy chilaquiles)

Other amazing operatives brought me 
snacks and candy to keep me going through
hours of signing.

One guy even gave me a 
brand new cell phone battery charger.

But the numbuh one thing 
the Mexican operatives brought
me was their love for 
Codename: Kids Next Door.

You guys rock
beyond words.



Unknown said...

Those Mexicans are So luck to meet you.

Unknown said...

Mr. Warburton you are truly and amazing person! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here at Mexico cus we certainly did!