Thursday, April 2, 2009


Whilst brushing my teeth the other night I espied this image in the mirror
(only backwards):

And WHO is that motley assortment of characters arranged like tasty chocolates in a box?

Why, they're all random secondary characters from Disney's Pepper Ann,
of course!


What? You didn't recognize the disembodied topiary giraffe head from the episode 'Megablades of Grass'?

Or Emmit Swink?

Or the Artsy Guy?

Me neither... that was a loooooooong time ago and
my memory ain't what it used to be.

But I DO remember that this t-shirt was given out as a holiday gift to the crew from awfully awesome Pepper Ann creator Sue Rose and hilarious head writer Nahnatchka Kahn back in 1997. They figured that the OBVIOUS thing to do was make a shirt with Pepper Ann, Nicky and/or Milo on it... so why not do the opposite and give the show's 'extras' some love?

The REALLY cool thing is that they're all my drawings... except for a couple, like Ms. Bladdar. That one is totally Sue's. And there are a couple she did a rough for and I just added a thing or two. And I don't think I did Shelf McLain, either. But the rest are TOTALLY mine- I swear! I was SOOOOOOO proud when I first saw this shirt!

But dang if I can remember who they all are.

Good thing the back of the shirt has a handy dandy key to who's who:


Colleen said...

Oh my goodness I remember this show! And I recognize the teacher and the girl with the braids... not that I can remember their names... So cute!

Gemma said...

Whoa! I wasn't aware you worked on Pepper Ann... (correct me if I misinterpreted there), neither was I aware that show ran until 2001. Wow, I used to watch this on Saturday mornings - back when getting up early for kids shows actually meant something. It all seems so long ago now...

Better sit down, I'm getting nostalgic-headed. XD

Anonymous said...

Before I knew that kids Next Door would eat me up and addict me, I was obsessed with Pepper Ann, yeah. That's kind of weird huh? First I'm obsessed with something you made character designs for, and then a show you created.... without knowing it at the time. Ha ha