Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah... it's not that I WANTED to revisit any of the comics I did in high school.

But a couple weeks ago I needed some reference material for bad high school comics. And I thought, "Why not go right to the MASTER of bad high school comics?"


So I called an old high school chum who I knew had a secret cache of original art by me and my (more talented) friends and voila! Take a look at this one circa 1984:


So let's analyze:

• Obviously this was intended as a pseudo-satirical geopolitical post-ironic biting commentary on the difference between 'being' and 'becoming'. With a little Green Lantern thrown in...
• Please note the clever addition of 'in the year 2000' to the title. This added exactly .21% more humor to the ENTIRE comic.
• It's aTOMic... because my name is Tom... and it's a a comic... and... aw, jeez.
• Got 'funny' names? Hows about these: Chutney Featherby and Dr. Goreslimey? (Yeeesh...)
• Cheese AND Spam in the same comic?! Madness!

Yeah... I'm gonna go bury these comics in the backyard.


Allie said...

I'd have those comics locked-up tight in the basement or attic if I were you. That was gold.

Mm.. I wonder what cheese pizza tastes like in Missouri. Then again, I tried cheesecake when I was in St. Louis last year. Didn't have any cheese in it. Oh well.

Now I'm beginning to wonder how you got 'Numbuh 1' in the first place. *gazing at the Red-suited guy with the '1' placed on his stomache*

Anonymous said...

Tom, don't feel to bad. You're not the only one.
I did a dinosaur-themed comic based on Peantus.
And guess what happens?
I am got them published in my local community newspaper, and everybody in my community laughed.

Remember FOOTLOOSE where, Kevin Bacon livens up a boring town. That was my comics like in my local newspaper.

rjk said...

It's been a long time since I've seen a good piece of Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.
I like it! The Red Flashlight probably hung around his older brother Hal Jordan and his pal Barry Allen, but ended up shaking rapidographs with Barry's little brother, The Drip.
Ahh...nascent DC nerd-dom.

Gemma said...

If that story was meant to be set in the year 2000, the reference to the rising price of spam was kinda accurate XD

Anonymous said...

Aw man that cracked me up. Artists improve fast. It's fun. Anyway, everyone starts out bad. uh.... for one.... ME. haha...