Friday, April 10, 2009

Le Brotheres Krause

Most of you have probably seen this since it appeared on Cartoon Brew yesterday, but for those who don't frequent Jerry and Amid's sooper source for animation news, I'm sending you on over.

They've posted a very nice interview with animation cowboys Fran and Will Krause, two of New York's funnest, quirkiest, most creative filmmakers. They were nice enough to give me a mention or two since we've been kinda inextricably linked over the years in assorted ways. Not quite so far as for me to be called 'the third Krause twin', but linked nonetheless. Here art some of the ways:

1. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, these guys scored a pilot with Cartoon Network that eventually found itself amongst the 10 shorts competing in the networks 'The Big Pick Weekend'. The same one that Codename: Kids Next Door was competing in. Unfortunately for them, Utica Cartoon didn't win. Fortunately, for me, KND did. And double fortunately for me, Fran and Will harbored no ill. That I know of...

2. The boys eventually moved down to NYC and became an integral part of the ASIFA-EAST scene, amazing folks with their sooper fun independent films. Like this here Moonraker thingie.

3. Cartoon Network still wanted to work with the brothers and slogged through years and years of development, eventually churning out another pilot called The Upstate Four. Oddly, the network wasn't convinced by the pilot (even after it won Best Children's Film at Ottawa!) so they decided to make ANOTHER pilot. But this time, I was brought in to serve as advisor/translator/shepherd/dinner date for both sides. Which basically means, I would meet up with Fran and Will, usually over a yummy dinner paid for by CN, and listen to their ideas, help brainstorm, give advice on navigating the choppy executive waters, and order another round of drinks. Will always made sure to have pie.

Unfortunately, with major shifts in Cartoon Network came major shifts in what they were looking for, and the Upstate Four was jettisoned before the 2nd pilot could be made. A shame, too. It was a funny story about a completely Clapper-automated house going ballistic when a clap-happy game show comes on the TV.

Who knows... maybe it was ME who ruined everything?

Regardless... you can read the interview and see the Upstate Four pilot HERE!

Also don't be shy to check out Fran's and Will's websites!

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Will Krause said...

What follows a steak dinner better than a big slice of pie? Thanks for the vittles, Mr. Turner!

And, thanks for the kind words and help along the way Mr. Warburton!