Thursday, May 7, 2009


There are just TOO MANY things worth posting about lately.

Take for instance the lovely mention of my now almost a whole week old picture book (SNIFF-- they grow up SO fast...) by the fine folks at

(check it out over HERE!)

And when they called me a 'driving force in the animation scene' it does NOT mean I'm a chauffeur. At least not to animators.

They also called this blog 'killer'. So now I can hold my head high and say:

Killer Status = Achieved.

So what else? How about the fact that 1000 Times No's animated promo has almost 2300 hits on Youtube as I type this! It's no bird dancing to Stevie Nicks... but I'll take it! Spread the word and tell your friends to watch it over HERE!

Why so many views already? Because of the wonderfully wonderful wonderfullness of folks like Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew and Fuse #8 at the Library School Journal and Joe Murray (of the Rocko and Camp Lazlo Murrays), that's why! And I love 'em for it.

Oh, and I'm going to LA next week.

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Anonymous said...

In that promo video, the "how's that, dad?" part at the end tot\tally got the "aaaawww" outta me! ^_^ I like when Noah says "onay" best for some reason. It's sounds really cool!