Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sooper massive aircraft carrier-sized to all those who showed up for the big Books of Wonder event last Saturday! It went great, although a lot of folks were late and missed my big, emphatic reading that the critics raved about ("LOUD LOUD LOUD!", Loud People Magazine and "The SECOND best reading of 1000 Times No on a Saturday, May 23rd at Books of Wonder EVER!", some guy who was in the wrong bookstore).

And not only was I fabulous, so were the other authors! A great group of talented people and a pleasure to chat with.

Of course, I tackled each and every one of them and made them draw in my sketchbook!

Chris Raschka (A Foot in the Mouth, Yo Yes!, Charlie Parker Played Be-Bop)

Valerie Gorbachev (The Missing Chick)

Willima Low (Machines Go To Work)

James Yang (Puzzlehead)

Unfortunately, Lynn Curlee (Trains) couldn't make it to the event... possibly because he didn't want to draw in my sketchbook? I'll have to ask him if I ever meet him.

So what's next? A TON of school visits here in Brooklyn including the Dillon Center in Fort Greene, The Brooklyn New School, and The Fort Greene Co-Op School!

Not to mention, this Saturday June 6th, a visit to sooper hip children's store MINI-JAKE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! But more on that later!


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