Saturday, May 2, 2009


You heard me.

Brownstone Books in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn RULES!

I should know, since I just got back from my VERY FIRST book store visit there.

We had a GREAT crowd of excited kids (and excited adults) and even a couple of rabid Codename: Kids Next Door fans who came in
all the way from Long Island!
(Thanks Kelsey and Junior! You guys rock!)

So after Ms. Carol J got the crowd warmed up with an awesome reading of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, it was time for me to read 1000 TIMES NO! And read it I did, to a bunch of awesome listeners!

And then we talked a little about the process of making 1000 TIMES NO, which included a sooper special, ultra-exclusive sneak peek
at the rough version of the sequel:

And then, of course, there was a whole lot of book signing!

Sorry to those who didn't get a copy-- but if you ordered one, I'll stop back at the store to sign it once it comes in! But hey, running out of books means people are buying them, so that's a GOOD THING!

Sooper triple huge thanks to all that came out and massive thanks to Brownstone Books for having me. Don't be shy to stop in and visit 'em if you get a chance!

Oh... and did I mention there were cupcakes?



Anonymous said...

When's your first book signing in New Jersey? You'll have another rabid KND fan heading your way. heh...


Brubaker said...

I like how one of the kids at the signing is wearing the KND shirt.

The event sounded AWESOME! A Thousand Times Awesome, perhaps?

Mike Rauch said...

This is right down the street from me! Wish I had been there. Hope you'll come back for the next book.