Thursday, January 6, 2011


St. James Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn a couple days after the plows finally came


The Snowpocalypse Saga lopes onward!
And while I apologize for this saga not having any sparkly vampires...
(although the next post kinda sorta goes there)
It does have lots of SNOW!

When last we left the intrepid Mr. Warburton and family, they had just driven into New York City shortly after its 6th worst snowstorm EVAH.

And it was

The streets of Manhattan were barely plowed!
The winds were blowing pedestrians over!
Rabid ice weasels roamed the streets unchallenged!
There was barely any traffic on the roads...
(mainly because most folks had the sense to stay indoors)
but we had a flight too catch the next day!

And if Manhattan was bad...
Brooklyn was eleventy hundred times WORSERER!

A day after the storm and the streets were hardly plowed at all.
Entire blocks were snowed in.
Stuck cars and trucks were abandoned in the middle of the road.
Scores of yeti wearing tacky snow suits taunted passersby.
And forget about finding a place to park.

Eventually we managed to make it to a friend's house and stay there overnight.
And then another night when our flight got canceled.
All three airports were shut.
Over 5000 flights canceled.

When we finally got someone from Virgin America on the phone they were more than happy to reschedule out flight.






At the very least, we had a place to stay.
And there wasn't much going on at work that Mr. Maxwell Atoms couldn't cover without me.
To be honest... NYC is definitely not a bad place to be 'trapped'.
But still...
We weren't quite prepared for this.

Regardless, we kept ourselves busy hanging out with friends, gorging ourselves on REAL bagels and playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Oh, and me and the boys designed a city:

We were pretty tired after that, so we decided to take a restful excursion up to Northampton, Massachusetts.

Somebody shout if you already know that's the hometown of Mr. Mo Willems.
He invited us up for the weekend AND got us invited to a sooper triple awesome New Year's Eve party.

Can you guess who's house it was at?

Let me give you a little hint.



That was kind of a big hint.

I'll tell you all about it in the sooper exciting...

SNOWPOCALYPSE SAGA part threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Numbuh 0704 said...

The author of the Spiderwick Chronicles?!

emma r. said...

thank you for no sparklie vampires

kndfan12 said...

The next post kinda goes in the direction of sparkly vampires? *hides* I don't like sparkly vampires.

And that map of the city looks awesome! I'd have so much fun playing with Cars xD which Cars just so happen to be one of my fav movies

brianna14 said...

in your little city i saw an in n out and a toys r us! hahaha! the two best places in the world!