Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, after you've been thrilled by the tales of me roaming the streets of NYC looking for a book, drawing on tables, and going to fancy New Year's parties, this whole Snowpocalypse thing doesn't sound so bad, right?

And I guess that concluding the story with a party at Mo Willems' house won't garner any sympathy regarding my plight of being
'trapped' on the east coast, will it?
But that's okay because it was an AWESOME New Year's day
open house kinda party.
A lot of the suspects from the LAST party were there which leads me to believe they do this every weekend in Northampton, MA.

And what's a party at Mo's house without drawing all over Mo's house?
But rather than doodling on the chalkboard walls,
we stuck it to the table this time.
Here's some of my scribblin':

And here's sooper powered Scott M. Fisher's:

I'd show you the hypernerdy cool Magic the Gathering artist's proof card he brought all signed and pretty just for me...
But it's at the dry cleaners.
I kinda sorta left it in my shirt pocket.

The unbelievably beautiful drawings above (by the unbelievable Rebecca Guay) made us all feel stupid so we ripped off the paper and started over. Scott and I tried to come up with a theme that she couldn't draw well but all we could come up with were turtles.

I'm here to report that she can draw them, too:

And here's Mo's turtle:

Please enjoy Mr. Fisher's angelic turtle helmet:

And yeah... here's my turtle:

I love drawing at parties.
But alas... the time flew and then it was time to say goodbye.
Especially since, after repeated calls to Virgin America, we were able to get a flight home only SIX days after our original flight was canceled. Way better that the original quote of nine days.

So we loaded up the car (with what Mo didn't me stealing) and drove down to NYC to pack our bags (again) for the long journey back to LA.

And here I am.
Safe and sound, back home and back at work on Fish Hooks.
And I can truly say...


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__Mariana__=] said...

Great drawings! The angelic turtle helmet was funny but your turtle was definitely the cutest one Mr.W =3