Monday, October 24, 2011


A while back I read an interview with MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT creator Rob Renzetti that brilliantly answered a question I'm frequently asked:

What advice would you give to someone looking to sell their own animated creation as a series?


First decide if having your own show is something you really want. Because the process of making a creator-driven show is an all consuming endeavor. Unless you truly love what you are creating you will never make it through the process. It is a labor of love with the emphasis on the labor.

Now, if you decide that you truly want your own show it becomes a matter of tenacity. You need to show your devotion and energy to those who can make your show a reality. And you will need to show it again and again. It also helps to have some kind of track record in the industry. Work well and hard on other people’s shows. Gain a reputation. If you go in as a rookie, you will need to be much more brilliant and fantastic.

Also be careful of compromising too much at the beginning of the process. You need to know how to adapt and apply criticism without damaging the core of your idea. If their ideas or desires don’t fit with your show then move on. Six weeks or six months down the road their needs will change. What was a rejection may become a green light to go to series.

Dead on.

Why can't I ever say it as perfectly as that?!

The rest of the interview,
conducted by Mr. David Levy and reposted
is great, too.


Drury said...

Will keep it in mind next time I'm making animated series.

But I proudly realized the "promising lotsa stuff at first" point myself when making my little teeny eety beety projects. Sometimes (always) it's even better to not tell anyone anything.

Good thing I don't have to worry about impressing anyone. Awesomeness goes in, everyone forgets everything in 5 min, and life goes on. That's kinda why I'm glad art's not my job. Must be tough stuff.

Mariana =] said...

Wow, really nice advice. =)
It is very very very difficult to create your own animated series, isn't it?
I think I couldn't make one even if I really wanted it xP