Thursday, October 13, 2011


There goes another.
From early July to late September.
This was one of the larger size sketchbooks
that I occasionally gravitate towards.

So what lies within?

Whaddaya expect...


Birds on a rock with a side of squid:

My head on fire:

Numbuh One packin' 2x4 heat:


A drawing by Fish Hooks creator Noah Z. Jones:

Mo feesh:

Weird ice cream:

Dour mushrooms:

Evil potted plants:



Probe droids:

Ticket lizards:

Ninja bunnies:

Dog collars:

And more evil potted plants:


What's in your sketchbook?


gideon kendall said...

love these sketchbook pages!

lindajbeck said...

Man, you go through sketchbooks fast. Really nice work!

Angela Entzminger said...

Awesome sketchbook, man. Loving the evil potted plants. In my sketchbook - lots of figure drawing, people on the subway and cartoon characters.

Drury said...

Believe it or not, I have one.

Blueprints, blueprints everywhere. And words, lotsa words.

Top secret.

brianna14 said...

awesome sketchbook!

in my sketchbook i have talking dragons, flying pigs, laser guns, a happy snail, a giant airplane, a man-eating whale, a creepy monster, an awesome panda, a parachuting mouse, a mummy, a zombie, a robot with a brain, t. force (sooper toad!), a teddy bear with guns, runaway eyeballs, a man-eating squid, pirates, dinosaurs, a penguin with swag, an octopus with mustaches, Numbuh One, a talking birthday cake (in honor of my birthday yesterday), d. force (sooper dinosaur!), aaaand me.

but i wish i could draw as good as you!! the ticket lizard and the ninja bunny is really cool!!!!

Gemma said...

Filling double pages, I can see why your sketchbooks get used so fast. Nice to see the little dabs of colour here and there - gives nice emphasis.

My last sketchbook lasted from February - mostly contains a lot of story plan work in the form of comics and one shot doodles.