Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm juuuuuuuuust about done my latest sketchbook.
But before we talk about that
I thought we'd take a stroll through the laboratory archives
and dust an older tome of sketchiness off the shelves.

From say perhaps... 1992-1994?

As the title page below states
(quite (overly) dramatically),
this was my tenth sketchbook since I started keeping them in high school.

At this point in my life, I was two years into my animation career and had recently been hired as the first staff artist at the mighty
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions.

Back then I usually had no idea what to draw,
(still don't)
so I drew myself in situations that probably didn't really happen:

I also drew about real-life situations,
like when I dove into a pool and shredded my nose and chin
on the stucco-surfaced bottom,
nearly losing a nipple in the process:

I got a lot of sketch mileage out of that disfigurement.

What's that?

Why, YES!
I DID make other people draw in this sketchbook,
usually folks I ended up doing projects with at JJSP.
Like for instance:

Brandon McKinney:

Craig Yoe:

Stuttering John and Gary from the Howard Stern Show:

Gary Leib:

This sketchbook didn't get done too fast.
In those days I was working some massive hours so I didn't get to doodle all that much.
But a couple years later it got finished:

I liked that sketchbook alot.
I don't always like 'em.
But this one was fun!

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Drury said...

Will buy for one reclaimed.

hahahaha get it? No? Well...


When you dunno what to draw.

Draw a box.

Inside a sheep.

That's original, isn't it? And it never gets old, since it's basically paradox. Or I dunno, clouds or something. But I'd go for boxes. That's sweet.