Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm often asked why my characters have such big feet.
Characters like...


The Kids Next Door:



Well, you know what they say.
Big feet...
GREAT taste in music.

Yup... it was because of this:

I dunno what it was,
but after I saw this album cover
(by John Holmstrom and Gus McDonald)
I just couldn't draw small feet anymore.

Something about the proportions...
The grounding of the characters...
The balance...

It just felt so RIGHT!

It didn't hurt that the album was straight up awesome, too!

So THAT'S why, since high school, I always draw big feet!


Drury said...

Big feet, more stability. Always made sense to me.

People with big feet run slower though. That's why I found KND running faster than quite fast... machines... and other weird stuff... really funny. Also, giant fists. Or that's for the next blog post?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I like when cartoon and video game characters have big hands and big feet. Don't know why, it just looks cool I guess.

FireCamel Animations said...

I think every artist has a signature feature that they like to exaggerate. I like to draw big round eyes and big noses. Big hands and feet look cool, too. :D

Bouncer15111 said...

did you buy cartoon feet I.N.F.8.O.R.S. or something

brianna14 said...

i've always asked myself "why do the knd have big feet?" now i know :)
and now i ask...why they have big hands?