Thursday, September 22, 2011


So you say you like animation?

And you say you like READING about animation?

And you also say
(because you never shut up)
that you love reading BLOGS about animation?

Well, you're talking WAY TOO LOUD because Mr. David Levy heard you all the way out in NYC.

Yeah, THAT David Levy.
The former ASIFA-EAST President-For-Life who, like all evil dictators, eventually find themselves run out of office on a rail.

Not that I had anything to do with it.
Because I love the guy.
How could I NOT when he puts together a list of animation blogs he likes and says this about mine:

The overgrown kid known as Mr. Warburton has achieved a lot in his 20-year (and counting) career (note the page above from his first job hunt journal heralding his hire at Buzzco). Once the poster child of NY animation success (going from employment at studios from Buzzco to J.J. Sedelmaier to creating and producing his own long-running series for Cartoon Network), he has since packed up to reboot his career in L.A., currently supervising retakes for the Disney TV series “Fish Hooks.” Despite his level of achievement, Mr. Warburton’s blog somehow manages to feel like the fresh enthusiastic observations of someone just starting out. This is a man appreciating life working in a field he loves.

First, who's he calling overgrown?

And second, Mr. Levy goes on to mention a blunch of other sooper fun blogs like Pat Smith and Bill Plympton's SCRIBBLE JUNKIES, the prolific FREDERATOR and indie soopuh stars THE RAUCH BROS.

It's a very nice list, but he neglects to mention his own blog ANIMONDAYS,
which is a must for anyone wanting to learn about what it's like being on the front lines of the animation industry.

With all your blathering about how much you heart animation,
it's kind of your duty to check it out over HERE, right?


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