Monday, September 12, 2011


as if I don't already have to wear SPF eleventy hundred
to shield myself from the awesome stuff I encounter everyday...

This makes me need to reapply.

Perhaps you're familiar with sites like Polyvore?
(and the only reason I am is because Mrs. Warburton
is the sooper most styliest stylist in the universe)

If so, you've seen stuff like this before:

Polyvore lets you cut and paste pictures you find from around the interwebs and put them together to make your own fashiony style-boards.

But what if you were to do that for your favorite cartoon characters?

Like, perhaps, the Kids Next Door?


AMAZING, right?

But the KND aren't the only ones to get hit with a fashion 911.

There's Gwen from Ben 10:

Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot:

Mickey Mouse:

And the character in most need of a new look,

What a brilliant idea!
Check out the rest over HERE.


Lily said...

Overdose of awesomeness...O__O Especially numbuhs 1,2 and 5. But nobody did a fashion board for Cree? You gotta agree that'd be cool too :D

brianna14 said...

I need these clothes!!! Whoever invented this must be a super huge giant big GENIUS!