Monday, September 26, 2011


After my recent post regarding
KND spies finding KND awesomeness is Argentina,
another KND operative (codename:Phil E. Thompson) left a comment regarding a different KND siting:

It's not just Argentina where you'll find the Kids Next Door....

I was on holiday in Torquay in late July, and decided to go to the Babbacombe Model Village nearby. In a building that appears when you first enter the village, there is a scenic display of a Victorian village in Winter near a 4D Theatre. Around the back of the display is a selection of models, including Chowder, Billy & Mandy and, of course, the Kids Next Door!

I got my sister to take a photo of the model, and here it is:


I never expected to see a 3-D representation of this drawing:

And in case you're not sure where Torquay is,
KND satellite control has provided this handy map of England for you.

Thanks, Mr. Thompson!


Phil E. Thompson said...

You're welcome, Boss!

I've managed to find the website for the Model Village, so all KND operatives wishing to travel there on their missions/vacation can see what else is there (although it won't be as awesome as the KND model!)

Drury said...

Now I'd like to see KND operative spelling Torkuey correctly.

Pardon, Torquay.