Thursday, September 8, 2011


Remember that One Piece vs KND drawing I did for Shonen Jump?

Well, the folks over at the One Piece At A Time Blog had some sooper triple
gear three nice things to say about it.

Click on their logo to check it out:

And if you read the comments, there are some thoughts regarding Numbuh 86 standing in for Nami, the Straw Hat's navigator.

I LIKE that idea.

So let's do it:

Thanks One Piece at a Timers!


brianna14 said...

WHOOOOOA!!!! That's so cool!! Who will be Tony Tony Chopper? Bradley?! A hamster?! That would be cute :)

Anonymous said...

It's probably because of this beautiful One Piece / KND thing that got me reading One Piece again! Oh Luffy, you so silly! I'm curious to see if you do any more of these drawings. Very cool!

Bouncer15111 said...

figure out what that is from and you get a prize

Lily said...

Love the Numbuh 86 drawing :D so epic!

Bouncer15111 said...

i sent you and e mail mr.w

Phil E. Thompson said...

Absolutely awesome as always!

Of course, nowadays I keep drawing parallels between Fanny and Amy Pond from 'Doctor Who' whenever I see pictures of them. It's the red hair and the accent mainly. (What next, the Silents in your style?)

Smashmatt202 said...

Numbuh 86 as Nami... Ehhhhhhh...

Anyway, I really need to check out One Piece at a Time... AFTER I'm done listening to all the Unofficial One Piece Podcast episodes.

Mikey-san said...

Oh wow! I am late to the party but thank you so much for not only linking to my site but fulfilling the request. Beyond anything I expected.

Numbuh 86 as Nami is completely out of this world. Purely amazing and she looks awesome! Thank you so much.

Sketch said...

Wow, talk about when world's collide. I'm so thrilled to hear you're a One Piece fan as well Mr. Warburton.

It's awesome to see the KND crew as the Straw Hat pirates but the one thing I'd like to see even more is Luffy and the crew drawn in your style.