Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Millions of years ago while the 
Earth was still cooling after its creation,
I took a trip to Cartoon Network in
Atlanta to do some promotion 
for Codename: Kids Next Door.

While there, our highly 
powerful executive
Khaki Jones 
took me to 
Turner Field,
the home of the
Atlanta Braves,
She said there was something 
I just HAD to see.

When we walked into the stadium,
I could see,
just beyond that statue of 
Abraham Lincoln
(or whoever that is)
a treehouse.

Then I got closer and totally pooped my pants.

A sooper huge 

And the KND wearing
Atlanta Braves hats!

There was also a sooper huge
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends:

But the 
thrill was going into the 
playspace inside.

It was a massively interactive playspace complete with a 
KND Treehouse to climb around in!

Exoskeleton Dexter!

The shadowy foliage really made it feel like a treehouse!

I have no idea what's in the stadium now.
But back then,
this was one of the coolest things in my life!


The Afro... It Lives! said...

I remember seeing this when I went to a game so many years ago! It was one of the coolest moments of my life.

Mariana =] said...

It looks really cool, I'd had loved to see it with my eyes and played on those playspaces when I was little.
Oh and great Abraham Lincoln statue.

I'm Hoovy and I know it said...

Have you talked to cartoon network about the g:knd project? Will it happen? I really hope it does ;u;

Anonymous said...

On a unrelated note can you tell us the name of the blonde girl from the dcfdtl aka Ashley is that her name?

Christian Larson said...

Hey mr. Warburton long time knd supporter good to see their is stuff like this around

Can you please give an update on stop G:KND
The petitionis at 68,000, and i wanna know what can i do to help with the development of the series sincerely christian larson

Chibita is life. said...

Sadly it's gone now wished they left it alone though.

kndonehundred m said...

Taco Mac took this location