Thursday, February 25, 2016


So whilst in NYC,
we put together a little 
KND crew reunion!

And where better to have it than
where we had the premiere party way back in 2002.

Starting from front left and rockin' clockwise:

Kevin Kobasic (character design)
T. Mackie Evans (character design)
Abigail Nesbitt (storyboard)
John Allemand (BG design)
Maurice Fontenot (storyboard)
Vanessa van der Baan (BG color)
Mike Cavallaro (BG color)
Grace Lu (color supervisor)
Erin Finnegan (production coordinator)
Bruce Knapp (line producer)
John "Quack" Leard (storyboard)
Robert Kopecky (prop design)

And somehow,
Alison Wilgus (colorist, writer, social media guru)
disappeared when the picture was taken.

Also totally missed were
Gideon Kendall (BG design)
Chrysoula Artemis (colorist)
Andy Rheingold (writer)
Rob Smith (inker)
Marcus Pauls (production manager)
Susan Holden (executive producer)
David Starr (executive producer)
and other assorted folks
who couldn't make it or somehow 
got lost in the shuffle.

It was pretty pretty emotional getting to 
hang out with what is inarguably the sooper best crew 
a show could have had.

Love you guys and miss you madly.


Mariana =] said...

You must feel great seeing everybody together years later. I would :)

Ricardo said...

That's so cool! It must be awesome to see reunited all those people with whom you worked for years.