Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Last weekend I made a pilgrimage to
Knuffle Manor,
home of Mo Willems,
to help on a sooper secret project.

But it's no secret that when you go to
Knuffle Manor,
you're encouraged to
draw on the dinner table.

And I did just that with an 
incredible group of creative people:

who has been writing and drawing
for a thousand years
did this:

Her partner Kerry,
who claims to be a science teacher
and not an artist
drew this wonderful friend:

Here's A bird by Mo
(which I totally stole the next morning)

Datsun-powered painter
rocked this evil beauty:

And because he's awesome he always brings 
me an artist proof of the latest 
Magic the Gathering card
he's done:

So I drew this dumb dinosaur thing:

And then dumb ol' 
has to go and make the sooper most beautiful drawing
of a dragon drawing my dumb dragon
while Mo's dog watches:

I TOTALLY took Tony's drawing home with me because

Master of marquetry
mega movie producer
(no relation to Adam from the Bible)
collaborated on drawing an entire cast of characters and 
writing a story about them, 
most of it too hot for blogging:

And if I didn't mention there were enchiladas,
there were definitely enchiladas:

It's always creative people heaven
at Mo and Cheryl's parties.
I could have spent two days talking to each person there.

But the rent at Mo's place ain't cheap.
So here I am back in LA.

But I can't wait to go back!

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