Friday, February 12, 2016


Well, after being on the fire for a long time
this sketchbook is 

It started slow-roasting on
May 6, 2015
with a 
Burger Turtle:

And if you think I've written some fun stories,
my chicken nugget Kelley Jones
has created a world 
where he fights bad guys 
led by the evil mustachioed
Jonny Stevens.
I made him write some of it down

I love finding other people's drawings 
at music and mix sessions.
These are obviously by

I also snatch up whatever post-it doodles 
I might find in the
7D bullpen:

a sketchbook is not only a journal of your art,
it's a record of your life at a point in time.
Fill it with life events,
like stoopid triathlons
that make you really tired afterwards:

And if you know my sketchbooks,
then you know I 
(forever evuh?)
draw on the last page:

And then it went up on the shelf
with all the other baked goods:

On to the next sketchbook!

Let's see if I can finish this one in less than 
ten months!


Liam Scanlan said...

Wow, Tom (Is it okay if I call you that?), you seem to have a fascination with swords and swordsmen, given that "Damn, Oh-Klees" sketch you put in there and previous sketches of swordsmen I have seen in earlier blog posts, including this one:,+9+53+16+PM.jpg
Given you were an executive producer on Disney's "Fish Hooks", and that you are now an executive producer on ANOTHER Disney show, "The 7D", maybe you should do YOUR OWN show for them, like you tried to do with that pig-related pilot, but this time, make it a "Samurai Jack"-style, but still comedic, fantasy show about a swordsman, now that I know for sure that you like that kind of stuff. In other words, can you PLEEEEEEEEEEASE develop and pitch a show about the swordsman in the image linked above?

Mariana =] said...

I love to see your sketchbooks. I wish I could get all your sketchbooks and look through all of them at once. It's a shame that I didn't develop the habit of drawing on sketchbooks :P

Unknown said...
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Myranda Valenzuela said...

I love your work! I hope you gain enough signatures for G:KND! Because some of the shows aren't even good anymore. (I hope you take this as a great compliment) BTW I'll be sketching some fanart later! :D :3

Anonymous said...

That's got to be one crowded (yet awesome) bookshelf! I actually noticed on the spine of one of the season books (the one for operation Z.E.R.O.) says DVD 2004. Was Z.E.R.O. meant to be a direct to DVD film?