Thursday, December 30, 2010


Looks like we'll be staying in NYC a bit longer due to the "snowpocalypse"...

Bring out the snow speeders!

Monday, December 20, 2010



From a Toys-R-Us flyer a bunch of Christmaseseses ago...

Did Santa bring you any KND that year?

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey, we get paid to make cartoons... not sing in key.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No! at the Los Angeles Children's Film Festival

In case you didn't know... the 6th annual Los Angeles Children's Film Festival started on November 13th and will be rockin' until January 25th!

And this Saturday, December 18th will be a screening that includes 1000 TIMES NO along with some other great films!
Check it out:

Short films from around the world for all ages - animation and live action.
Free admission for everyone!
Saturday, Dec. 18
Martin Luther King Jr. Theater in Santa Monica, California.
11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Program #4: Short films for all ages
1000 Times No
El Salon Mexico
Junior Extra-Terrestrial
Lil Emos HallowEmo
One Small Step
The Locket & the Sea
The Lonely Rabbit

For directions to the MLK Theater, adjacent to the Santa Monica Main City Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd
go HERE!

And for more info about the festival, head over HERE!
See you there!


This was on my desk when I got back from lunch.

I promptly alerted Disney security that pesky designer Chris Battle was on the premises and should be ferreted out immediately.

Friday, December 10, 2010


We are gathered here to pay our respects to the latest sketchbook that has been put to rest.

It was a happy sketchbook...
Stickerless, unlike it's brothers before.
But it was the only one to be adorned with a genuine Donald Duck luggage tag.
I won it at my Disney Employee Orientation by answering this trivia question:

Name something Walt Disney was the first to do and the film he did it in.

And I was all like:

First color cartoon, yo... Flowers and Trees.


Luggage tag.

(I refrained from mentioning that it was technically the first 'commercial' cartoon in color since there were some indies before... but I didn't want to get my luggage tag taken away.)


The majority of this sketchbook was filled with sooper top secret book stuff that would burn your eyes out of your skull if you don't have the right security clearance.

But there's plenty of other stuff to show you.
Like fer instance--

Evil snake plants...


An octopus-thingie in a water bottle...



Flying animals...

And the usual dinosaurs

And while this sketchbook has left us for the great shelf in the sky...
It will be remembered fondly even as we move on to another.



When I was in college my moms told me she saw a commercial that looked like I had drawn it. It was for 7-UP and it might have been this one:

That there's Fido Dido and when I saw him I knew I knew I wanted to draw him.

Kind of weird how things work out.

And awesome.

One of my first freelance jobs in NYC was at the Ink Tank inbetweening Fido for ABC's Saturday morning cartoon interstitials.

And then a couple years later one of the first spots I worked on at J.J. Sedelmaier Productions was this:

We did a couple more Fido spots after that and Fido creator Susan Rose and I ended up working together alot. We got on kinda famously and I was thrilled when she let me
take over drawing Fido for her studio's annual style guide since she was so busy with other stuff (ie: the early days of Pepper Ann!)

So here are a bunch of style-guide drawings I did before they got hit with the brush marker:

These were always really fun to draw and I loved seeing what kinda cool stuff Fido's graphic designer Flavia Fiorillo would do with them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


If you've got your ear to the street--

you should put it somewhere else. That's gross.

In other news... did you hear that that FISH HOOKS has just been picked up for a SECOND SEASON?! That's 22 more half hours of unfiltered fish tank fun!

Mad huge congrats to the whole sooper talented crew, but especially creator/Van Halen fan club president Noah Z. Jones and Executive Producer/Sears underwear model Maxwell Atoms!

And congratulations to me since I get to hang out with everyone on this awesome production even longer! It's been a blast so far and it's only gonna get funererer!

But I'm getting ahead of myself-- there's still LOTS more of season one coming up on Disney Channel. Check 'em out on Friday nights at 9:00!

Bonus big fat congrats to Alex Hirsch (voice of Clamantha and one of the guys who helped develop Fish Hooks) who just got his show GRAVITY FALLS greenlit to series by Disney Channel!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay... wanna hear a good one?

No, wait... come back!
This is a GREAT story.
One that I didn't tell ANYONE for almost 15 YEARS!
Not my friends...
Not my family...
Not even my wife!

It all started waaaaaaaay back in my senior year of college. The mighty sceptre of graduation was poised to knock me upside the head and smack into the real world where I was going to have to find myself...


And while my preference was to find a job in animation,
I wasn't exactly prepared.
I had gone to school for graphic design and halfway through decided to pursue my true dream of making cartoons.
I probably should have transferred to a school that specialized in animation but instead decided to stay at Kutztown University and learn what I could.

Which wasn't alot.
There just wasn't much of an animation program back then despite the dedication of a mighty professor named Dr. Schantz.
But lack of education didn't stop me from leaping in head first when I saw an ad in Animation Magazine:

The Simpsons... one of my favorite shows... was hiring layout artists?!


Never mind that I had no experience.
Never mind that I lived on the other side of the United States.
Never mind that I had NO IDEA what animation layout even was.

I just went ahead and sent for a test!
And in a week or so it showed up on the doorstep of the grubby, foul smelling domicile I shared with 6 other loudmouths.
But this wasn't just a test... it was a GIFT:

A big thick model pack of all the characters from The Simpsons with detailed instructions on how to draw them!
And background layouts of locations from the show!
Annnnnd official Simpsons blank storyboard pages!

Even if I didn't get the job I got a ton of really cool stuff!
But I was gonna try my hardest to get this job so I read through the test requirements.
I had a few questions:

What's a 12 field?
TV safety? Excuse me?
I'm supposed to clearly mark camera moves A, B, C huh?

Regardless... I attacked the test with my patented brand of blind, screaming-with-my-hands-flailing-over-my-head determination!
One of the bits I was particularly proud of was where I had to draw three (3) poses of Bart sitting on the sofa playing a videogame.

And I posed the CHICKEN AND WAFFLES outta that scene!

I mean, I had that kid rockin' the joystick like crazy!
(this was the the late 80's so joysticks were the weapon of the day)

Since I didn't really have anyone to ask for advice (none of my teacher's had worked in animation) I fudged my way through what I could and sent the test off.

And the very next day I got a call from Simpsons creator Matt Groening offering me the job!!!


And then I woke up.

In actuality... I waited a loooooong time.
But no one ever called me back.
I eventually mustered up the guts to call Film Roman and after a couple tries got someone to talk to me... but she said the position had been filled.


So that was that.

Flash forward five years later and I'm living in New York City working in animation!
I've served at Buzzco Associates, The Ink Tank and I've been a layout artist on Nickelodeon's Doug.
And now I'm at J.J. Sedelmaier Productions doing assistant animation and production.
And I'm loving it!

Eventually, I got to visit a friend in LA and while there decided to check out the animation scene.

I visited Spumco (the home of Ren and Stimpy), Klasky Csupo (home of Rugrats, Real Monsters, Duckman, etc) and Film Roman---

(second home actually... it was first done at Klasky Csupo)

A sooper triple nice guy I used to work with was working there as a layout artist and I was dying to check out the studio. So he gave me a tour and loaded me up with cool Simpsons swag, including a copy of sketches the crew had done of the Simpsons characters re-enacting scenes from Pulp Fiction. He also gave me a big thick stack of the latest Simpsons model packs!

While we were walking around, I eagerly flipped through them, totally nerding out over the model sheets.

And then I saw it.

Right there on one of the Bart pages.

Uh huh.

One of MY drawings.


Then I looked closer:


I... uh.


They used my drawing as a DON'T.

That's when my heart, along with the rest of my internal organs,
sank into my feet.
My breathing came to a grinding halt...
I broke into a frigid sweat...
And I swore I was going to explode in a shower of tears.

I hastily excused myself, making up something about having to visit my dead Grandmother who was sick from a ninja attack, and fled the building.

I was mortified.
Were people inside, after being introduced to me, laughing and whispering,


And YES! It was a stinky drawing!
I tried to console myself with the fact that I was in college when I took the test and had no idea what I was doing.
That I would do better if I took the test today.

It didn't make me feel any better.

My drawing was a DON'T.

And I didn't tell ANYONE.
I just couldn't.
I could barely even watch the Simpsons after that.
Because it would remind me of how embarrassed I was.

But as the years went by the mortification eventually wore off.
I managed to block it out and forget.

Flash forward a bunch more years.

I'm still in New York.
I've animated on tons of national commercials.
I've been the production designer on Beavis and Butthead.
A director on Schoolhouse Rock and Saturday TV Funhouse.
The lead character designer for Disney's Pepper Ann.
I've made my own pilot, Kenny and the Chimp, for Cartoon Network.
I've been a director on Sheep in the Big City.
And I'm the creator of the sooper giant hit show Codename: Kids Next Door.
So I'm doin' okay.

And eventually I find myself having root beers with Spongebob creator Steve Hillenberg and Simpsons creator Matt Groening. The lawyer we share was receiving an award so we came to show our support. Afterwards, we all went out together and I was totally giggly-little-girl excited. I had briefly met Mr. Hillenberg in Ottawa where we served on a panel together. But I had never met Matt Groening before and was DYING to hang out with him.

But what could I say?
I mean... he's had to have heard every compliment in the world about The Simpsons.

So I tell him I've got a GREAT story.
One that I haven't told ANYONE for almost 15 YEARS!
Not my friends...
Not my family...
Not even my wife!

And when I finished, Mr. Groening laughed and said,

Well, if it makes you feel any better... I can't draw the characters either.

My reply?

Nah. It doesn't make me feel any better.

That was a couple years ago. After that night I felt free to the tell the story to anyone and everyone.
I've had a pretty awesome career so far that dulls the embarrassment I felt for so long.
Someone even told me that when they took the Simpsons layout test a couple years ago-- my drawing was STILL in the model pack!
I find that hard to believe... but I'd like to think that over the years I've helped teach the crew how NOT to draw Bart Simpson.
That's gotta count for somethin', right?


Toldja it was a good story.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


California has said YES to NO!

California Readers
, an organization that "connects authors and artists with students and staff in California" has added 1000 Times No to their list of recommended books. Check it:

California Readers Announces 2011 Book Collections for School Libraries
Los Angeles, CA -- November 9, 2010 – California Readers, the state's premier reading and school library advocacy group, revealed its latest recommended book lists for California school libraries. The 300 books on the three new lists can be viewed and downloaded at at the California Readers' website. The new lists include 41 books published within the last 12 months.

I KNEW I liked it here in LA!