Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm often asked why my characters have such big feet.
Characters like...


The Kids Next Door:



Well, you know what they say.
Big feet...
GREAT taste in music.

Yup... it was because of this:

I dunno what it was,
but after I saw this album cover
(by John Holmstrom and Gus McDonald)
I just couldn't draw small feet anymore.

Something about the proportions...
The grounding of the characters...
The balance...

It just felt so RIGHT!

It didn't hurt that the album was straight up awesome, too!

So THAT'S why, since high school, I always draw big feet!

Monday, September 26, 2011


After my recent post regarding
KND spies finding KND awesomeness is Argentina,
another KND operative (codename:Phil E. Thompson) left a comment regarding a different KND siting:

It's not just Argentina where you'll find the Kids Next Door....

I was on holiday in Torquay in late July, and decided to go to the Babbacombe Model Village nearby. In a building that appears when you first enter the village, there is a scenic display of a Victorian village in Winter near a 4D Theatre. Around the back of the display is a selection of models, including Chowder, Billy & Mandy and, of course, the Kids Next Door!

I got my sister to take a photo of the model, and here it is:


I never expected to see a 3-D representation of this drawing:

And in case you're not sure where Torquay is,
KND satellite control has provided this handy map of England for you.

Thanks, Mr. Thompson!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So you say you like animation?

And you say you like READING about animation?

And you also say
(because you never shut up)
that you love reading BLOGS about animation?

Well, you're talking WAY TOO LOUD because Mr. David Levy heard you all the way out in NYC.

Yeah, THAT David Levy.
The former ASIFA-EAST President-For-Life who, like all evil dictators, eventually find themselves run out of office on a rail.

Not that I had anything to do with it.
Because I love the guy.
How could I NOT when he puts together a list of animation blogs he likes and says this about mine:

The overgrown kid known as Mr. Warburton has achieved a lot in his 20-year (and counting) career (note the page above from his first job hunt journal heralding his hire at Buzzco). Once the poster child of NY animation success (going from employment at studios from Buzzco to J.J. Sedelmaier to creating and producing his own long-running series for Cartoon Network), he has since packed up to reboot his career in L.A., currently supervising retakes for the Disney TV series “Fish Hooks.” Despite his level of achievement, Mr. Warburton’s blog somehow manages to feel like the fresh enthusiastic observations of someone just starting out. This is a man appreciating life working in a field he loves.

First, who's he calling overgrown?

And second, Mr. Levy goes on to mention a blunch of other sooper fun blogs like Pat Smith and Bill Plympton's SCRIBBLE JUNKIES, the prolific FREDERATOR and indie soopuh stars THE RAUCH BROS.

It's a very nice list, but he neglects to mention his own blog ANIMONDAYS,
which is a must for anyone wanting to learn about what it's like being on the front lines of the animation industry.

With all your blathering about how much you heart animation,
it's kind of your duty to check it out over HERE, right?

Monday, September 19, 2011


It's been a long time coming,
but Walt Disney TV Animation has left the building.

The Frank G. Wells Building that is.
Named after the well-respected former President of the Walt Disney Company,
(who died in a shocking helicopter accident in 1994),
this was where countless TV shows have been produced over the years.

It also houses some of the Disney Archives, costume displays, and one of only three multi-plane cameras that Uncle Walt helped invent to produce lavishly layered shots in films like Pinnochio.

It was also frequently dressed up as locations for many an ABC TV show. In the year plus I've worked there I've seen it transformed into everything from a hospital to a police station to an airport.

Up on the third floor was where the animated magic happened but there just wasn't enough room for all the shows to fit there.

Which is a shame.
Originally, the lot was dedicated to nothing but animation.
It was designed as an inspiring, tree-lined oasis for artists to stroll about when they weren't tied to their desks.

But the Walk Disney company isn't just about animation anymore. It's TV, film, interactive media, sports, ESPN, ABC, blah blah blah.

It's, like, the sooper hugest company in the world.

So we're off to a new(ish) building in Glendale.
Kick Buttowski has already been there a while.
Gravity Falls just moved in.
And we get there today!
It should be great.

But I'm gonna miss the old ghosts of the Main Lot.

I certainly didn't shed a tear emptying my cubicle, though.

At least I get an office in the new building.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Everyone knows I've got swag.

But not everyone knows it's Fish Hooks swag.

Check it:

Uh huh.

That's a Fish Hooks totey backpack-type thingy.


And look out:

That's a Fish Hooks mouse pad complete with some kind of liquid inside so Oscar, Bea and Milo can swim around inside.

That swag enough for ya?


Monday, September 12, 2011


as if I don't already have to wear SPF eleventy hundred
to shield myself from the awesome stuff I encounter everyday...

This makes me need to reapply.

Perhaps you're familiar with sites like Polyvore?
(and the only reason I am is because Mrs. Warburton
is the sooper most styliest stylist in the universe)

If so, you've seen stuff like this before:

Polyvore lets you cut and paste pictures you find from around the interwebs and put them together to make your own fashiony style-boards.

But what if you were to do that for your favorite cartoon characters?

Like, perhaps, the Kids Next Door?


AMAZING, right?

But the KND aren't the only ones to get hit with a fashion 911.

There's Gwen from Ben 10:

Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot:

Mickey Mouse:

And the character in most need of a new look,

What a brilliant idea!
Check out the rest over HERE.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Remember that One Piece vs KND drawing I did for Shonen Jump?

Well, the folks over at the One Piece At A Time Blog had some sooper triple
gear three nice things to say about it.

Click on their logo to check it out:

And if you read the comments, there are some thoughts regarding Numbuh 86 standing in for Nami, the Straw Hat's navigator.

I LIKE that idea.

So let's do it:

Thanks One Piece at a Timers!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Okay, you gotta see this.

Just before Comic Con went down the Fish Hooks mobile assault force was sent to Washington DC to blow the minds of the National Press Club.

Fish Hooks creator Noah Z. Jones and Executive Producer Maxwell Atoms laid down a suppressing fire of Fish Hooks clips and explosive Q and A's before dropping THE BUH-BOMB on the assembled crowd.

Actually, three bombs.
I'm talking about
Kyle Massey (voice of Milo)
Chelsea Kane (voice of Bea)
Justin Roiland (voice of Oscar)

Check it out:


Take THAT National Press Club!

Dude, I lurves watching voice actors do their thing!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Apparently evil adults hacked into the Printlab and caused some mischief with the top secret code that allows folks to add items to their cart.

And when I say 'items' I mean sooper awesome digital prints made just for you.

But the scientists of warburtonlabs have prevailed in their attempts to thwart these attacks and all is well again.

You may carry on about your business.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love finding stuff like this.

A sooper awesome fan in Japan has a sooper awesome blog that's
heavy on the KND.
Especially Numbuh Two!

She goes by the name LonLon.
And she kinda looks like this:

I love her blog, but:

Zannen desu ga, watashi no nihongo wa heta ni narimashita.
Takusan wakarimasen!

In other words, my Japanese has gotten lousy.
But you don't need to understand Japanese to stroll the blog and look at the pretty pictures.

REALLY fun stuff, right?

And there's WAY MORE!

Check out the blog over HERE!

Arigatou Gozaimasu, LonLon-san!
Subarashii yo!