Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love finding stuff like this.

A sooper awesome fan in Japan has a sooper awesome blog that's
heavy on the KND.
Especially Numbuh Two!

She goes by the name LonLon.
And she kinda looks like this:

I love her blog, but:

Zannen desu ga, watashi no nihongo wa heta ni narimashita.
Takusan wakarimasen!

In other words, my Japanese has gotten lousy.
But you don't need to understand Japanese to stroll the blog and look at the pretty pictures.

REALLY fun stuff, right?

And there's WAY MORE!

Check out the blog over HERE!

Arigatou Gozaimasu, LonLon-san!
Subarashii yo!


Lily said...

This is really awesome! You used Google translate/ something similar to write in Japanese or you really speak a bit?

brianna14 said...

you're lucky you even speak japanese because i don't...and i'm jealous :) these pictures are super cute!!!

InterestingNit said...

Oh! I know this person as "Lonlon". I love their work. Even though I don't know even a slither of Japanese, it doesn't stop their Hoagie art from being adorable.

Bouncer15111 said...

i sent you an e-mail sence the last 2 or 3 didn't get to you

Lonlon said...


Please always let me draw the illustration of KND. Thank you.^^

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks!!!

I also am reading your blog every day.

Good luck with your work.
I'll be always your big fan.^^

When English is wrong, I'm sorry.^^;

By Lonlon

Dragily said...

Oh, how spectacular! Lonlon herself posted. I've been lurking Mr. Warburton's blog for a while now, but I just love her art that I had to post.

若しかしたらこれを読んだら、ろんろんさんの描き方がすごく可愛くて、ちょっとファンになっちゃったかも。 これからもがんばって下さい!


Perhaps I'll post a little more as time comes by, too. :D Keep it up, Mr. Warburton and Lonlon!

Drury said...

Umm, wasn't Numbuh 3 supposed to speak only Japanese at first? That would be really weird with google translator... From script-writing side, at least.

Lily said...

@Drury ...oh, right...:D