Monday, August 29, 2011


Whilst on a top secret mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina
KND sooper spy Numbuh 4852 happened upon this:

And I was all like,


Turns out it's the entrance to a sooper fun play area in a mall.

Numbuh 4852 would have taken more pictures,
but the evil Los Mucho Guapo Ninos Demasiado were hot on his tail.

I'd love to go see this in person.
Hows about you?


brianna14 said...

whoa! that's AMAZING! i wish they did this to the malls in the U.S.

Mariana =] said...

Awesome! And so close to Brazil x]
But I think it wouldn't ever happen in my city anyways xp

Phil E. Thompson said...

It's not just Argentina where you'll find the Kids Next Door....

I was on holiday in Torquay in late July, and decided to go to the Babbacombe Model Village nearby. In a building that appears when you first enter the village, there is a scenic display of a Victorian village in Winter near a 4D Theatre. Around the back of the display is a selection of models, including Chowder, Billy & Mandy and, of course, the Kids Next Door!

I got my sister to take a photo of the model, and here it is!

Carla said...

This is really common in Argentine malls! Shopping malls in Argentina are usually full with kids because it is a place where families go. I don´t know if you have seen it, but there is a store called "Imaginarium" that has an entrance door for adults and one smaller at one side for the kids. I know this because my buenos aires apartment was close to the Abasto Shopping Mall and there was a store of this brand. I took my kids there every day and bought some toys for them there, everything looked so cute!